Witches, Wizards & Pagan.

Okay, so as is usual, it's been a while since my last blog. In fact it was last year. Back in March when we all went into lockdown, I unfortunately had to close my computer business as it is difficult to be a mobile computer technician when you have to stay at home. But, my time was not wasted. I have been working in the background, continuing to develop my website store, whilst maintaining and adding too, my Etsy store.

Over the last few weeks I have re-arranged my Etsy store and added many new products. A few weeks ago, I introduced a new section to my store called Witches, Wizards & Pagan.

This is a small preview of the sort of things you will find in this section.

I know you are probably fed up of hearing this by now, but Christmas is approaching and I will shortly be adding a Christmas section with lots of new and exciting gifts for you to see, including a new line for us, printed aluminium sheets, shapes and decorations.

So, I'll disappear for now and carry on updating and producing artwork for the store. Why not sign up so that you don't miss any new content hitting the virtual shelves.

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