Hi there, my name is Richard and as well as running my own computer services business, Myself and my partner decided to start a small business together, hence


"Love Our Mugs" was created.


In this picture, you can see me (The one in the funny hat) and next to me is my partner Becky, our daughter Darcy and on the end, we have Olwyn, Becky's mom.


Our initial intention was to supply great quality personalised mugs and coasters that we print and sell from our home workshop. Because of our success at the beginning of our venture, we have now expanded our range of printed goods. We are now introducing items such as standard and bottle-shaped glass chopping boards, placemats, money boxes, Christmas tree decorations, bottle openers, metal business cards, dog collars and dog bandanas, personalised cat & dog bowls, etc, the list goes on. Our Etsy store is constantly being updated with new designs and printed goods.

If you have a few seconds to spare, please consider sharing our site and help us to develop and grow.

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