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Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and Beyond .......

Well it's been a very busy first week so far, getting the online shop up and running, as well as our Facebook shop and Ebay. Sent out a few orders to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, so that's a good start. We've introduced a few more mug designs this week and next week we'll be introducing personalised Coasters, Jigsaw Puzzle Coasters and A5 Jigsaw Puzzles, all can be customised any way that you want.

We are going to try and introduce something different every week, so that our stores will be continuously growing.

The week after next, we'll be starting to sell on Amazon and then the week after that, possibly going to get onto Etsy. Might even give Shopify a go, who knows.

Why not hit that subscribe button, sign up and you may even get a few freebies.

Anyway, that's it for tonight, time to hit the hay...........

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